Berlin Football Weekends organises trips to Germany’s capital city for groups of football fans that want to take in a number of games and grounds across all levels of German football. Berlin is often overlooked when it comes to footballing tradition, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The city is home to in excess of 50 teams playing in the top 7 tiers of the German football pyramid, meaning you’re often able to watch up to 5 games each weekend.

And not many European cities can match Berlin when it comes to the number of bars, breweries, clubs, restaurants and places of cultural interest on offer, for when you’re between games…Berlin has everything you could want from a weekend city break.

Berlin Football Weekends is run by football enthusiasts with a passion for the game at all levels, who are also highly experienced in the organisation of group travel on a professional level. Whilst in Berlin you will have a Berlin-based, English-speaking guide who will be there to take you from ground to ground, and show you all the bars and places that normally tourists wouldn’t know about.

Berlin: A Secret Football Utopia (source: COPA90)