“The football culture in Berlin is like no other city in the world, seemingly divided and united at the same time, where there are things more important than red versus blue.” (Source: These Football Times)

The political history of Berlin has shaped the football culture of the city. With Germany’s football power residing in the west and the south of the country, it’s largely considered that a city of the size and importance of Berlin is poorly represented in footballing terms within Germany, never mind on a wider European stage. And whilst that may be true, dig a little deeper into the lower leagues, and there is a rich history to be found.

As with everything in Berlin, the footballing landscape is rapidly changing. Hertha are the city’s current top dogs, with Union pushing hard to join them in the top division, but behind them is an ever-evolving cast of would-be challengers. There are former giants that have fallen down the ladder (Tennis Borussia & BFC Dynamo), numerous teams founded by ethnic minorities (Berliner AK 07, Türkiyemspor Berlin, TuS Makkabi, FC Polonia, SD Croatia), and a multitude of other local teams each with their own colourful history (FC Viktoria 1889, SV Lichtenberg 47, Blau-Weiß 1890 Berlin, SV Tasmania Berlin). Berlin is also home to Germany’s oldest still active club – BFC Germania 1888.